Dichroic Pendant Kumihimo Necklace Kit

Dichroic Pendant Kumihimo Necklace Kit
Item# dichroic-pendant-kumihimo-necklace-kit

Product Description

This necklace kit includes all supplies for making a round braid cord with metallic highlights to complement a brilliant dichroic pendant, including the clasp and endcaps for fastening and enough metallic embroidery floss and regular embroidery floss (in colors to match the pendant) for both a necklace and a matching bracelet (or for a very long necklace braid). You supply the tools (a KumiLoom™ or other braiding disc, and 16 bobbins), and you should know how to make a kumihimo round braid. Each pendant, available now in 2 color ranges—sunset or ocean—is a unique handmade dichroic glass oval (20mm×30mm) with a silver colored bail.

Full color instructions include layouts for 3 braid options: spiral pattern, speckled tweed (shown), or solid with highlights.

Contents are:

Embroidery thread Metallic floss/cord Dichroic Glass Pendant with bail attached Endcaps, jumprings, and clasp assembled and ready to attach Complete instructions REMEMBER, this is a project kit. You will need a loom to complete it. I have them listed separately or you can purchase a beginner kit which comes with everything you need.