Huichol Beading Awl

Huichol Beading Awl
Item# huichol-beading-awl

Product Description

Our Beadstop Awl is a specially modified awl designed specifically for setting 11/0 seed beads in wax. It can significantly speed up your creation of beaded gourd bowls! A strong steel tip, set in a wonderful firm rubber grip that provides just the weight and feel of a quality tool. Measuring about 5 1/2 inches long, this is the tool we use in all of our beading work, and the one we use in classes.

The unique part of this tool is the beadstop set on the tip. This is designed to set the seed bead at just the right depth in the wax. It then releases the bead when you pull the awl back, to you don't have to use your other hand to hold down and set the bead. You are setting beads in the wax one-handed, so you spend much less time beading.

Here is how you use it: first, poke the tip in wax. This will hold the beads on the tip after you pick them up. Then, poke the tip in a seed bead; the wax will make the bead stay on the tip. Then, place the bead where you want it in your pattern. Push the awl until the tip goes through the wax and contacts the gourd surface. Pull out the tip, and your bead is seated in the wax and will stay there! And, you've "re-waxed" the tip ready for the next bead! It really is that easy. Handle colors and tip shapes may vary.