Kumihimo Beginner’s Big Kit

Kumihimo  Beginner’s Big Kit
Item# kumihimo--beginners-big-kit

Product Description

This is the most complete kit you can buy...it includes literally everything you need to complete two necklace cords (one beaded), ready to wear.

You will get:

• A KumiLoom (A kumihimo Braiding Disk), large (6 inch) size, sturdy and longlasting

• The book Complete Guide to Kumihimo on a Braiding Loom, 88 pages of fact-filled instructions on the history of Kumihimo, how to use the braiding disk, practice instructions, round braids, flat braids, and hollow braids; 4, 8, 12, and 16-strand braiding; and how to finish your necklace including attaching end caps and clasps. A $17.95 value!

• 16 flexible plastic bobbins for storing/feeding cord as you braid

• Ribbon and cord, enough for a complete necklace project, including end caps (colors and cord styles will vary)

• Embroidery thread (4 skeins), beads (18 gram tube of 6/0 glass beads), end caps, and detailed instructions for a beaded necklace (see photo of finished project below; see the description in the beaded necklace kit for a description of the various color schemes)

• End caps for both projects are pre-assembled for you, with clasps

• A tube of super glue for attaching end caps

• A big-eye needle for threading beads on the cord

• Practice cord for learning, enough for a small project such as a keychain

This is a very exciting braiding technique, something that all ages can easily learn. You will start with the easily learned 8-cord round braid, but you'll soon want to move on to more complicated braids with more cords. After you complete these two projects, you'll want to make more, and you can use a wide variety of cordage and ribbons that you have around the house or can find at craft stores anywhere.

Remember, you don't need any supplies at all to complete these projects—everything is found in the kit. And, when you're finished, you have a braiding disk and bobbins for years of projects, and a wonderful reference book specifically written for the Kumihimo disk.