Kumihimo Beginner's Small Kit

Kumihimo Beginner's Small Kit
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Product Description

Kumihimo (koo-mee-HEE-mo) is a Japanese word for a braided cord. A centuries-old art form, now you can do it with the KumiLoom, a modern, easy-to-use braiding disk.

This kit also contains the fantastic KumiBob cord-handling bobbins, making the work much easier and faster; satin cord and a key ring for your first project; and a 12-page booklet of instructions for the round braid!

In the early 8th century, when the Buddhist religion spread in Japan, people began to use decorative braids in ceremonies. The making of these beautiful, usually silk, braids became an art, and later, people used colorful braids to decorate their clothing, hang ritual banners, lace samurai armor together, tie robes, and decorate weapons. Braids can be found in many cultures, but the Japanese developed the highest order of braiding techniques and complexity.

Now, braiding adds an elegant finish with so many different uses. Using easily available cords, here are some examples of what you can do with this kit and different cords (hang your jewelry as we did here!):