Kumihimo Bobbins

Kumihimo Bobbins
Item# kumihimo-bobbins

Product Description

These bobbins are a must-have for weaving and braiding!

A set of 8 plastic bobbins for use with our Kumihimo disk. If you want to braid with 16 cords, you'll need these to hold the extra 8 cords ( the kit comes with 8 of these). Just flip up one of the sides, wrap your cord, flip down the side, and you have enough tension on the cord to keep it taught, but just a small tug releases it as you need it.

These are also great to have just to keep your loose lengths of cord. When you unwrap one of those small skeins of yarn or other cord, wrap it around one of these to get rid of tangles and provide a neat, immediately accessible storage device.

These are the medium size, 1 7/8 inches in diameter, just right for most Kumihimo braiding. These are the bobbins we include in our kits.

Loom in the picture is sold separately.