Tackee wax

Tackee wax
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Product Description

This is it! The “Tackee Wax” product that you can use to bead bowls, pottery, and gourds. This is a special mixture that includes beeswax and pine pitch. It is designed to adhere to surfaces like gourd, paper mache, bone, or wood. Then you press in small beads, such as seed beads. This wax compound will hold them. Beeswax alone won’t work, because it isn’t tacky enough and won’t hold the beads for the long term. The Huichol Indians in Mexico have practiced this art for many years. They decorate and use beaded ceremonial bowls, known to them as rakure, or jicara in Spanish. They were originally decorated with colorful bits of shell, bone, clay, turquoise, etc.

We offer here Tackee Wax in a 1.2 ounce bar, enough for 2-3 small bowls or egg gourds. You apply it in a thin layer, about 1/2 to 3/4 the thickness of the beads.

We offer our traditional Golden color and a new White. The white goes on almost transparent. Works great on skulls!

An instruction sheet is included to give you the basics of applying the mixture, laying the beads, and the finishing touches. A good awl that picks up your beads makes the job a lot easier, but you can get started with a toothpick right away. Please see our other huichol supplies for making your job easier.