Turquoise Green

Turquoise Green
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Product Description

The Gourd Dye is a water based dye that comes in powder form. Fill the jar with hot water and add the powder, stir and you are ready to go. Bottled water works best. This dye blends like a dream! Each jar makes 4 ounces of fade resistant easy to use dye. You get instructions, helpful hints and a sponge applicator in every jar. Each Jar will dye many gourds. You can use the applicator or paint it on. When the dye dries, you can spritz it with water for a neat effect. Make sure you seal your gourd with a spray sealer. Mix some of the powdered dye in a small salt shaker with salt and sprinkle it on a wet gourd for a burst of color. 30 colors to choose from.